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Smart Carpark Lighting in Singapore: Illuminating with Microwave Motion Sensor Technology

Updated: Feb 8

Having adequate lighting in car parks is a crucial part of our daily lives to ensure safety and security. However, they are usually turned on 24/7 even when there is low or minimal traffic, this not only wastes precious energy and most importantly increases your electricity bill significantly. This is where Brite comes in with our smart and intelligent car park lighting solution, where our energy saving solution can help you reduce your current energy consumption by up to 90%!

Our Smart Linear LED motion sensor lights for carparks offer a full range of benefits:

Unmatched Energy Efficiency and Instant On:

  • Lights on only when you need it: By eliminating unnecessary illumination, energy consumption is significantly reduced, leading to cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint.

  • Microwave Sensor Advantage: Unlike traditional PIR motion sensors, microwave technology are equipped with greater sensitivity and lesser susceptibility to heat and signal interference.

  • Instant on when activated: With the high speed of cars, instant activation upon detection is required to ensure that they light up the road ahead on time. View our video above to watch it in action!

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance:

  • Easy Installation: Our Smart Linear LED lights are designed for seamless integration into your existing carpark infrastructure. Be it a surface mounted, rod or conduit set-up, installation takes only about 5-10mins per lighting with no rewiring required

  • Long Lifespan: Brite's Smart Linear Lighting are manufactured in-house with durability and long lifespan in mind (atleast 5 years!). This minimises maintenance needs and further reducing your costs.

Customisable Features:

  • Adjustable dim percentage: If you need different level of illumination for different spaces, it's no issue at all as Brite's Smart Linear Lighting has adjustable dim controls

  • Adjustable Holding Time: We have a range of holding time from 5 seconds to 10mins to tailor to your specific needs

  • Daylight Sensor: Rainy and stormy days making your carpark dark and gloom? We have a day light sensor mode will automatically turn on upon motion activation for your resident's safety and security.

  • More features: Our Smart Linear lights are designed and manufactured in-house with a plethora of customisable features so that we can optimise our lighting to meet our customers' every needs. Contact us to find out all the features that our linear light batten can do for you!

Interested in learning more about our Smart Carpark lighting solution?

At Brite, we're committed to providing innovative LED lighting solutions powered by the latest technology, making carparks brighter, better, and more efficient.

Brite's team of energy saving specialists are ready to provide a customised energy saving proposal for your MCST, facility, property, estate and building. Contact us at 6753 9553, or email us at to discuss how our carpark lighting solutions can benefit your property.


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