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Solar LED Bollard

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Light the way by harnessing the Sun's power with Brite's innovative Solar Powered LED Bollard for your pathways, gardens and swimming pool side, entrances for residential and commercial estates.

Key Features

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Save on electricity

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Weather Resistant

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Automatic Illumination

Using the sun as the energy source, you save on electricity and avoid the hassle of rewiring. This also means you can place the bollard at any location of your choosing

Certified IP65, and crafted with durability in mind, Brite's Solar Bollard LED Light is built to deliver excellent performance in outdoor settings

Equipped built-in daylight sensors that automatically activate at dusk and deactivate at dawn

Product Specifications

Discover how our Solar-powered LED Bollards bring eco-friendly illumination and a touch of magic to your outdoor landscapes

Contact Brite for an assessment and customised lighting upgrade proposal

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