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Anti-UV Yellow LED Tube Light

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tuv sud psb brite led lighting safety certification
tuv sud psb brite led lighting safety certification

Brite’s Anti-UV Yellow T8 and T5 LED Tube Lights are TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore certified, and are specifically crafted with a special coating and cover filter that effectively reduces UV and Blue light wavelengths to an unparalleled minimum of 0<500nm.


Tailor-made for PCB factories, clean rooms, microchip fabrication plants, and printing factories, it serves as a game-changer in the chemistry-carved etching process of mini circuit boards onto substrates, which are sensitive to <500nm ultraviolet light and visible light that traditional white coloured temperature light tube have. 

brite led lighting anti-uv yellow led tube light lab clean room studio

Product Specifications

T8 Tube Light / BG46

T5 Tube Light / BG41

T5 Tube Light / BG43

Light the way to precision with our Anti-UV LEDs for labs and clean rooms where accuracy matters

Contact Brite for an assessment and customised lighting proposal

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