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LED Downlights with Motion Sensor

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Brite's motion sensor detection Microwave Sensor LED Downlights powered by the latest microwave sensor technology are the newest introduction to our flagship product series which can fit into various settings and spaces, for your lift lobby, service lobbies, corridor and walkways.

Key Features

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Motion Detection

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Up to 90% Cost Savings

daylight sensor icon

Daylight Sensor

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Hassle-free Installation

Automatically dim down the brightness to 10% or 30% when no activity is detection, using the latest microwave sensor technology

Achieve a significant reduction in your lighting expenses with Brite's energy saving solution, reducing your electricity bill

Equipped with an intelligent light sensor, the light automatically turns off when there is sufficiently lighting, and on when it is a rainy day or when it's in the evening

Fuss-free and able to fit in your existing set-up, installing your Brite LED down lights becomes a breeze, saving you time and effort

Product Specifications

Downlight LED Flagship Series

brite downlight_Ultra slim led light
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Find out more about how our Motion Sensor LED Downlights can achieve up to 90% energy savings for your space 

Contact Brite for an assessment and customised energy saving proposal

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