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Stadium and Sports LED Light

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Experience the pinnacle of sports lighting with Brite's Stadium LED Lights, where innovation meets high efficiency and uncompromising quality. The perfect replacement and upgrade for your tennis court, badminton court, swimming pool and any indoor and outdoor professional sports settings 

Key Features

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High Durability

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Flicker-free and Low Glare

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Strong Positive Track Record

Die-cast aluminium alloy housing for unmatched durability and heat dissipation capabilities, ensuring longevity in even the most demanding environments.

Enhances visibility and maximizes player performance. Ideal for both indoor, outdoors, professional and recreational sports lighting applications

Proven expert track record of successfully completed stadium sports lighting projects and installations

Product Specifications

SL Series

FL-L2 Series

Discover how our Outdoor Stadium LED Lights can turn your space into a Sports Champion's stage.

Contact Brite for an assessment and customised lighting upgrade proposal

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