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High Bay LED Light

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The High Bay LED Lights from Brite are specially designed for commercial and industrial spaces with a 20-feet or higher ceiling. Whether you need to illuminate a spacious warehouse, a production factory, a bustling retail or supermarket store, or a high-ceiling gym, Brite LED High Bay Lights are the ideal lighting solution for a wide range of applications to deliver unparalleled illumination and energy efficiency.

Key Features

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Optional Motion Detection

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Easy Installation

EMERGENCY battery icon

Back-up Emergency Battery

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High Luminous Efficacy

Automatically dim down the brightness to 20% when no activity is detection, using the latest microwave sensor technology

Designed seamlessly replace your existing metal halide HID, mercury vapour and high-pressure sodium light fixtures, saving you time and effort during setup. 

With a 120-minute runtime, the emergency backup battery ensures your operations can continue uninterrupted no matter the circumstance.

Brite's High Bay LED Lights are manufactured with higher than the standard luminous efficacy, which delivers superior brightness at minimal power consumption

Product Specifications

High Bay Series

*The 100W model is available in our shop

HB2108 Series

Find out more about how our High Bay LED Lights can save energy and illuminate your space 

Contact Brite for an assessment and customised energy saving proposal

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