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Panel LED Light

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Designed to seamlessly blend style with functionality, let Brite’s LED Panel Lights redefine the way you illuminate your surroundings. Suitable for offices, stores, shops and a variety of settings.

Key Features

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Versatile Applications

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Effortless Installation

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Exceptional Lifespan

Available in various sizes and colour temperatures, Brite’s LED Panel Lights cater to a range of spatial requirements that will seamlessly integrate into diverse and modern workspace settings.

Brite’s LED Panel Lights are designed for straightforward and hassle-free setup, suitable for both drop ceiling and surface mounting installations.

Brite's LED Panel lights are designed to last, ensuring years of reliable, energy-efficient illumination with minimal maintenance effort and costs

Product Specifications

LED Panel Light


*This model is available in our shop

LED Panel Light

(Long Rectangle)

*This model is available in our shop

LED Panel Light


*This model is available in our shop

Find out more about how our LED Panel Lights can enhance and illuminate your space with the best lighting performance

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