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LED Strip Light

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Versatile, Energy efficient, higher performance and Hassle-free installation: Brite's LED Strip lights is the perfect choice for both indoors and outdoors decorative lighting.

Key Features


Exceptional Luminous Efficacy

Hassle-free Installation

LED strip lights can be used for a variety of purposes, from task lighting in kitchens to accent lighting behind TVs or to create a decorative ambiance anywhere, indoors or outdoors

Manufactured with premium and concentrated LED chips, Brite LED Strip Lights emits 110 lumen per watt, which is higher than industry standards

Thin, flexible and comes with adhesive tape backing, Brite LED Strip Lights are easy to install in tight spaces or around corners. Customisable to any length and shape based on your designs

Product Specifications

LED Strip Light



LED Strip Light



LED Strip Light

(Premium + Weatherproof)

brite led lighting strip light waterproof ip65
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COB LED Strip Light

(Weatherproof for Outdoors)


COB LED Strip Light



RGB LED Strip Light


RGBW LED Strip Light


Ready to light up your designs for years to come with Brite's quality enduring and brilliant LED strip lights?

Contact Brite for an assessment and tailored proposal for your space

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