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Brighten Up Your Space Without Breaking the Bank: Brite's Innovative Light Leasing Program

Updated: May 9

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At Brite, we're passionate about helping Singapore homes and businesses illuminate their spaces with the power of energy-efficient LED lighting. But we understand that hefty upfront costs can sometimes be a hurdle to get the green light to go ahead. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our revolutionary Light Leasing Program: Lease-To-Own – a financing option that allows you to upgrade to premium LED lighting without any upfront investment.

Here's the beauty of our Light Leasing Program: It's designed to be a win-win situation. By switching to Brite's energy-saving LED lighting solutions, you'll immediately start reaping the benefits of lower electricity bills. The savings you generate can then be used to comfortably cover the monthly installments of your lease plan. This means you can enjoy the benefits of brighter, more efficient lighting with zero upfront capital costs!

How it Works:

  1. Approach Brite and let us know your requirements: We are fully equipped with a wide range of energy saving LED lighting solutions that will be a perfect fit for your needs. We offer a variety of options, from motion sensor carpark lightings to solar landscape lights.

  2. Get a Personalised Energy Saving Solution and Lease Plan: Our friendly team will work with you to understand your lighting requirements and create a customised lease plan.

  3. Enjoy the Benefits immediately: We'll handle the supplying and installation process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new LED lighting system. Start saving money on your electricity bills right away upon replacement!

The Advantages of Brite's Lease-to-Own Program:

  • Zero Upfront Cost: Preserve your capital for other estate needs while enjoying the sustainable and economical benefits of LED lighting.

  • Immediate Savings: Lower your electricity bills from the very first month, using those savings to cover your lease installments. This means that you don't need any additional capital to fund this re-lamping project for your condominium and building.

  • Predictable Budget: Enjoy the budgeting peace of mind of fixed monthly payments.

  • Top-Quality Lighting: Experience the superior quality, illumination performance, and lifespan of Brite's LED technology.

  • Extended Warranty: The warranty period will be the same as the lease duration, providing you with a peace of mind. During which, Brite will provide a one-to-one replacement for all of the lighting products.

Upgrade Your Lighting, Upgrade Your Savings:

Brite's Light Leasing Program makes it easier than ever for your MCST to invest in a brighter future. Contact us today at 67539553 or to discuss your lighting needs and discover how you can unlock the power of energy-efficient LED lighting without breaking the bank. Let Brite illuminate your space, one affordable step at a time!


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