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Smart Staircase LED Lighting: The Energy Saving Solution with Reliable Performance

Leaving staircase lights on all the time guarantees visibility and safety in emergencies, but at the cost of significant energy waste in such a low-traffic area, contributing to your hefty electrcity bills. But what if there was a smarter solution? A way to prioritise both safety and energy efficiency, transforming these underutilised spaces?

Enter Brite's Smart Motion Detection Staircase Bulkhead LED Lighting, powered by the latest Microwave Sensor technology. This innovative solution offers a revolutionary approach to staircase illumination, providing exceptional performance and significant energy savings, making it the ideal choice for condominiums, shopping malls, office buildings and any projects.

How it Works:

Unlike traditional lights, Brite's Bulkhead Motion Sensor Staircase Lighting are usually in dim mode (20%) when there is no activity in the area, but will instantly light up to 100% when someone approaches. This ensures that the stairwell will always be well 100% of the time, and more energy is only consumed when someone walks by, achieving both safety and energy efficiency.

Benefits Beyond Energy Savings:

  • Customisable Settings: Brite's Bulkhead LED Lighting comes with adjustable settings such as dim percentage and the duration of light activation sensitivity for an optimal experience. Contact us to find out about the other controllable functions!

  • Long-lasting Durability: With a die-cast housing, our bulkhead lighting has exceptional heat dissipation capabilities which provides a lifespan significantly longer than the industry standard (~5 years!). This minimises maintenance needs and replacement costs, and also ensures that your staircases are reliably lit 100% of the time while conserving energy.

  • Automatic Illumination: Brite's Smart Stair case LED Lighting also comes with a daylight sensor, which is the answer for estates with an outdoor staircase. These Smart wall / ceiling lights will be automatically turned off when there is sufficient light during the day, but will automatically be triggered in the evening or on rainy days. Now, you no longer need to manually monitor and turn on the stairwell lightings.

The Perfect Solution for Staircases:

Brite's Smart staircase lighting solution is specifically designed for the unique challenges of Singapore emergency stair well lighting. Additionally, the compact and black sleek design seamlessly integrates into various staircase styles, enhancing the aesthetics of your space.

By delivering both reduced energy consumption and safety for your property, Brite's solution offers a win-win solution for your MCST.

Ready to experience the BRITE difference? Contact our energy saving specialists today at +65 6753 9553 or to explore the variety of options available and find the perfect solution for your needs.


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