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Motion Sensor LED Lighting: Enhancing energy savings for your estates

Updated: Jan 11

Brite is thrilled the introduce our 3 flagship products which are a game-changing innovation in the realm of lighting — motion sensor LED Lights powered by advanced microwave sensors. This cutting-edge technology is poised to transform the way we approach illumination in residential and commercial spaces, heralding a new era of energy savings, efficiency, security, and convenience.

Linear LED Lights for Carparks and Staircases (2ft and 4ft)

brite motion sensor microwave sensor led lighting light save energy efficiency efficacy carpark shopping mall MCST building staircase
Our linear LED lights equipped with microwave sensor technology that automatically dims to 20% when no motion is detected after the holding time period. Brite's products can reduce your lighting expenses by up to 90% easily!

As an all-in-one light integrated lighting solution, Brite's linear motion sensor LED light is a plug-and-play installation into your existing lighting set-up. To further sweeten the deal, our Linear light also comes with the following customisable features
  • Holding Time Period

  • Dim percentage

  • Daylight Sensor

  • and more..

Say goodbye to dimly lit or wasted spaces because these lights provide the perfect solution for carparks seeking both safety, energy savings and efficiency.

Bulkhead LED Lights for Staircases

brite motion sensor microwave sensor led lighting light save energy efficiency efficacy emergency staircase shopping mall MCST building
Staircases, often underutilized spaces, assume paramount importance during lift breakdowns and emergencies, making their lighting an aspect not to be underestimated. However, leaving them illuminated around the clock proves wasteful due to minimal foot traffic in these areas.

Hence, Brite has the perfect solution for you. Introducing our bulkhead motion sensor led lights for staircases that will stay in dim mode most of the time but will instantly light up to 100% when motion is detected. This keeps your lighting expenses low, but yet ensuring that the stairwell will always be well lit for the safety for your residences and customers.

Our bulkhead lights also comes with the same customisable features as the linear lights (holding time period, dim percentage, daylight sensor and more), so that you can further optimise the lighting for your every use case.

Downlights for Lift Lobbies and Corridors

brite motion sensor microwave sensor led lighting light save energy efficiency efficacy shopping mall MCST building corridor lift lobby ceiling office

Motion sensor LED down lights for condominium walk ways is the perfect solution for MCST to save your lighting expenses. The sensors detect movement, ensuring that these spaces are never unnecessarily lit, saving energy while maintaining an inviting ambiance for your residences.

At Brite, we're committed to bringing the latest in lighting technology to empower your spaces with efficiency, safety, and sophistication. Experience the difference with our range of motion sensor LED lights—where innovation meets illumination!

Explore our collection today and revolutionize the way you light up your commercial spaces. Illuminate smarter, live brite-r!


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